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Todays technology allows you to indulge Me with an electronic gift card from one of My favorite retailers and kinky purveyors.

You simply need My email address and your gift will be delivered to Me electronically.
My email: msjulie@juliespanks.com

Some of My favorite establishments include:

My birthday falls on the 16th day of August, although I am thrilled to receive gifts any day of the year.

Surprise Me with something I currently covet:

I collect vintage mourning jewelry made of bakelite or jett. I like to read and collect early and rare books on corporal punishment and behavioral correction. I am always interested in odd implements of torture and home-made devices.

Email Me for My secured mailing address.

My eyes are attracted to - black and purple
My nose is attracted to - cucumber, dragonsblood, and bergamot
My favorite flowers - stargazer lily and rose
High Heel or Boot size - 8
Corset size - 26
Glove size - small


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